Our Story

Crypto is revolutionizing the global financial system and every touchpoint of our lives. This revolution will disrupt traditional investment methods and change the way people approach investing. Cryptolife Capital is poised to lead this change.

Cryptolife Capital is a crypto asset portfolio investment and management platform committed to helping investors — individuals and institutions — gain passive income and build long-term wealth through the crypto market.

We provide exposure to price movements of a diversified mix of crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and large- and small-cap innovative digital project


  • High net worth investors who do not require immediate liquidity for their investments; who understand that an investment in digital assets does not constitute a complete investment programme; and who fully understand and are willing and able to assume the risks of investing in digital assets.
  • You can invest a minimum of $5,000
  • The crypto space is highly volatile, thus investments in Cryptolife Capital are purely speculative and meant for passive income.
  • Your investment will last for 12 months with an option of taking profit after 6 months.
  • Cryptolife Capital will furnish you with reports about the state of your investment every 32 - 37 working days.

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